Eliminate Cellulite and Get Toned Smooth Skin

eliminate cellulite - How to deal with celluliteThere is No One Perfect Answer On How To Eliminate Cellulite.

Cellulite is a complex problem which has a multitude of causes.

The type of fat that makes us fat, isn’t the same kind as the fat that causes cellulite.

Yes, carrying extra weight can make it worse, but it’s not the root cause.

eliminate cellulite - How to Get Rid of Cellulite | Firm, Slim Thighs, Legs & ButtThe skins formation is made up from 3 layers

  1. The epidermis: Which is the outermost visible layer of skin and is the bodies biggest organ. The skin (epidermis) provides a waterproof barrier for our bodies and creates our skin tone.
  2. The dermis: The dermis is directly below the top layer of our skin(epidermis)this layer contains the tough connective tissue, sweat glands, blood vessels and hair follicles.
  3. The Hypodermis: This is the deeper subcutaneous tissue and is made up of fat and connective tissue.

Most Health and Beauty Professionals are in agreement – to eliminate cellulite you must hit it with a multi-pronged approach.

8 Ways To Eliminate Cellulite

  1. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise increases muscle tone and burns fat. Both help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  2. Limit exposure to toxins such as: Smoking, alcoholic, preservatives, sugar, chemicals, additives, alcohol and caffeine.
  3. Take Vitamin C: vitamin C is critical to the formation of elastin and collagen.
  4. Manage stress: Increased cortisol tells the body to store fat which contributes to cellulite. When our bodies are stressed, it places stress unto our circulation and reduces blood flow to the skin and decreases the nutrients being delivered to our skin.
  5. Massage areas of cellulite: Massage the area of skin with cellulite using a circular motion, this can help break down fat and toxins and increase blood flow to the area.
  6. Hydrate and lock water into cells: Hydrated cells are strong and firm, and act as barrier stopping fat cells from pushing to the top of the skin where they become visible and cause the dimpling associated with cellulite.
  7. Do a Detox Diet: This can be a challenge but it does have health benefits and many people report feeling fantastic once they’ve completed it.
  8. Lose Weight: Excess weight can increase the appearance of cellulite.

Treatments To Eliminate the Appearance of Cellulite

eliminate cellulite on thighsWhile there are a huge range of creams, lotions, massage, lasers, liposuction and other anti-cellulite products on offer that promise to eliminate cellulite, most cellulite remedies don’t offer long-lasting results, are in some cases no results at all.

Unfortunately while none of these products are treatments can really address the root cause of cellulite, they may offer a short term improvement in appearance.

Beauty Tip For Cellulite

Having a darker skin hue, helps to mask the dimpled surface texture of the skin.
So if you are attending a special occasion and need to camouflage your cellulite, take advantage of the many really good fake tan products available.

Eliminate Cellulite with Exercises.

Cellulite is essentially fat, so carrying excess weight can contribute to its appearance.
That’s why it’s important to engage in physical exercise several times a week.

  1. Targeted Cellulite exercises and following a cellulite busting diet is what will ensure you get rid of cellulite fast.
  2. Muscle strengthening exercises are best such as : Swimming, Yoga, Walking are Jogging.

Watch the video below to learn simple but extremely effective exercises to overcome cellulite.

Exercise 1:

Take your legs just a little wider than your hips.
Pull your lower abdomen in.
Control your posture. (keep your ears over shoulders and shoulders over hips).
Hands on hips.
Then bend the knees and squat down, breath out, pull back up.

Exercise 2:
This exercise targets the glutes.
Stand straight placing your heels together and point your toes out to the side at a 45 degree angle.
Place your hands on your hips.
Pull in your abdominal muscles, shoulders down.
Bring your left leg back, then lift your leg up and and down four times.
Hold your position and do 4 small short quick leg lifts.
Bring your left leg back to the start position and repeat the exercise with your right leg.

These highly focused exercises take just a few minutes a day and target the areas where woman hold cellulite the most, such as the thighs, glutes and lower abdominal muscles.

Targeted cellulite busting exercises act like a sponge by pulling in the fresh blood flow and pushing out the toxins that you want to get rid of which rebuild the muscle that hold your skin in place and helps with getting rid of cellulite naturally.

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