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Naked Beauty Symulast Method the Best Treatment for Cellulite

Have you ever wondered why some people have cellulite and others don’t?
The truth is that cellulite has never fully been understood. But it is clear that cellulite is made up of many contributing factors.

The good news is that the secret of the best treatment for cellulite is no longer a mystery. Best Treatment for Cellulite

The Best Treatment For Cellulite Is Not Always What You Think!

Many of us in our quests to obtain perfect cellulite free hips, thighs and tummy’s will have purchased numerous cellulite reduction treatments.How I got rid of ALL of my cellulite. No exercise necessary.Just like many facial treatments to improve the appearance of wrinkles, many of the cellulite treatments sold by beauticians and spas can help improve your skins appearance by plumping up the skin and improving its texture.stretch mark removal cost

Most of these anti-cellulite products and treatments are extremely expensive and unfortunately the reduction in the appearance of bumps and dimples following these  cellulite treatments is often short lived.
The bottom line is the beauty treatment industry makes huge volumes of money, offering cellulite treatments that are solely aimed at improving the appearance of your skin and not at fixing the underlying cause of cellulite.

The Truth About Cellulite (Naked Beauty Symulast Method) has been developed by Joey Atlas.

joey atlas symulast reviewsJoey claims that what most of us fail to understand – is that Cellulite is a muscle – fibre issue, not a skin problem.

The Big Cellulite Questions?

  • Have you ever wondered why you see very few slim women with cellulite?
  • Are why men have less cellulite, even when they become obese?
  • Or why obese children normally do not have cellulite?cellulite legs

Cellulite is not a skin fat issue:- It is in fact a muscle fiber problem.

When the muscles under the skin are neglected and not properly stimulated they lose tone and firmness and quickly become mushy, flat and droopy.

The skin on top of the muscles has no support so it shows the bumps and dimples which we all refer to as cellulite.

The fibrous bands (called septae) tether the skin to the underlying tissue at certain points, essentially creating discrete “fat chambers” to push up on the skin while the bands pull the skin downward.

The physiological term for cellulite is Muscular Atrophy.Synergistic Layer Stimulation of muscles

So What is The Best Treatment for Cellulite – Joey Atlas SYMULAST Method

3 Things You Must Do To Treat Cellulite.

  1. To get rid of cellulite you must restore your muscles and body tone.
  2. Your muscles need to have the appropriate stimulation to make them firm and strong again.
  3. Strong muscle tone enhances your outer skin layer by tightening it and reducing the dimpled appearance.

does joey atlas program workThe Joey Atlas method of cellulite removal is Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation refers to exercises that activate more than one muscle at the same time.

SYMULAST exercises are extremely effective at reducing cellulite and you should see a marked improvement  within 28 days of correctly using the Truth About Cellulite program.

With the right form and tempo these exercises will eventually ‘push’ cellulite away by lifting and toning your lower-body muscles. Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation (SYMULAST)

To successfully stimulate flat and untoned muscles, the root cause of cellulite, you need the truth about celluliteYou get SYMULAST by combining a series of very simple but highly targeted body movements with these 3 unique and critical element exercises that Firm and lift your Flat,

  • Untoned muscles.SYMULAST exercises firm, lift and tone your lower body muscles so they gradually push outward against the skin, giving the outer layer skin the support it needs to become tighter and smoother.
  • This then forces the bumps and dimples of cellulite to gradually fade away.
    Your lower body will then look smoother and more attractive.
  • The best part is these exercises are affective for all athletic abilities as whatever the range of movement you can make is OK, over time your muscles will become more flexible, and toned.

It may just take a bit more patience to get the results you are after.

It is very important to understand that SYMULAST movements are not strenuous gym exercises with weights or uncomfortable machines.

Most people don’t realize is, those types of exercises are only 2 dimensional and they can actually make your cellulite get worse.

  1. To effectively reduce cellulite, your body movements must be multi-dimensional.
  2. This gives you properly targeted muscle-fibre stimulation in the lower bodies problem zones by using your own body weight as resistance. No additional exercise equipment is required.
The Best Treatment for Cellulite – Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method


The Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method provides the right combination of exercises to achieve the high level of SYMULAST needed to reduce cellulite and make your lower body look smoother and firmer.

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The Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method, takes just 20 minutes 3 times a week.

By incorporating the correct elements of SYMULAST, making certain very natural movements, at the right speed and with the correct recovery time the groups of muscles in the commonly affected areas of the lower body will be stimulated and over time will tone up and strengthen.

Toned and strengthened lower-body muscles will reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving you with a more attractive looking lower body.

The Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method has been specifically designed to help regular everyday women in their quest to reduce cellulite and it can help you too.

Take action today, the sooner you address your cellulite problem, the greater your chances to reduce your unsightly cellulite.

If you are seriously looking for a solution to your cellulite issues…

Then you really must consider giving “(The Truth About Cellulite (Naked Beauty Symulast Method)” a try.

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